5 Ways to boost children’s literacy this Summer

Lucy Banks from Libraries Unlimited shares five tips on how to improve literacy and have fun reading this Summer. 

1)      Pick a favourite scene from a brilliant book you’ve read recently, and recreate it using some Lego or cardboard. Then, share it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #Mybestbookmoment. 

2)      Plant a seed for every book you finish reading. Then, when the seedling sprouts, name the plant after your favourite character in that book.

3)      Read the rainbow – find and read books that have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet spines. What’s your favourite colour and instagram it?

4)      Who said you had to sit still and read quietly? Turn it into a performance – read to your family, friends or cuddly toys! If you’re feeling especially creative, you could rewrite some scenes from the book as a play and get others to act it out.

5)   Create the food you find in books, with the help of your parent or carer. What might the BFG’s snozzcumber taste like? What about making a pile of pancakes like Pippi Longstocking? You’ll find lots of funny foods in children’s books to inspire you.

Everyone can get reading with this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, a free activity created by The Reading Agency, and available at your local library. This year’s theme is ‘Gadgeteers’ and is all to do with STEM and your imagination! All you need to do is sign up at your library, read six books, collect stickers along the way, and claim your special certificate at the end.

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