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August 21

5 Ways to boost children’s literacy this Summer

Lucy Banks from Libraries Unlimited shares five tips on how to improve literacy and have fun reading this Summer.  1)      Pick a favourite scene from a brilliant book you’ve read recently, and recreate it using some Lego or cardboard. Then, share it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #Mybestbookmoment.  2)    […]

August 21

Simple Ways to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2021 and Get the Kids Involved Too!

Simple Ways to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2021 and Get the Kids Involved Too! Roald Dahl is considered to be one of the best children’s authors of all time, well-known for authoring a plethora of whimsical, wonderful, and highly imaginative books. His magical tales were brought to life by Quentin Blake’s illustrations throughout 18 of […]

May 18

5 things to do today by ‘Bag full of Rocks’ blogger Vaiva Lilionyte

It’s Sunday, we’re still in lockdown (at least here in Scotland) and not surprisingly, it’s raining. In the past, this would mean a complete nightmare for me, but during these last few weeks, I really learned to slow down and enjoy the little things. I am sharing my 5 things to do today and I […]

June 17

Take your toddler to Wellington Country Park #Travel #Reading

March 31

Read An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education by Tony Little, The ex Headmaster of Eton College

Tony Little was The Head Master of Eton for 13 years. One of the most progressive and imaginative people in British education today he has hitherto kept a low profile. This book, published to coincide with his retirement, sets out his educational fundamentals. There is a crisis in the British education system. Year on year […]

Amnesty Book Sale June 08

Buy books at the Legendary Amnesty Book Sale, London

Amnesty International Book Sale 9am-5pm Saturday 20 June 2015 Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row, London SE10 8BF 10 minutes walk up Lewisham Hill from Lewisham National Rail, and DLR Station   The annual Amnesty International Book Sale hosted by the Amnesty Blackheath and Greenwich Group is on Saturday 20 June 9am-5pm at the Church […]

October 13

Declutter your Kindle

Your Kindle book reader is probably full of books that you don’t read. It could be argued that you read less because you are focussing on too many books. Spend fifteen minutes deleting/archiving all books that you don’t read. Just spend time enjoying one and appreciate every turn.

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