5 things interview with Comedian Abby Howells

Abby Howells is the joint winner of Festival Director’s Pick at the New Zealand Comedy Festival 2021l. Winner of Best Comedy, Week Four and winner of Emerging Artist 2020. Adelaide Fringe Festival winner of Best Comedy Dunedin Fringe Festival 2019. 

She brings her one-woman stand up comedy show HarleQueen to Edinburgh Fringe for the first time this Summer, and will be performing at the Underbelly Wee Coo from Aug 3-14, 16-29.

HarleQueen tells the story of Abby’s love of comedy (and obsession with Phantom of the Opera), and the feisty women of comedy who spurred her to success, despite early knockbacks (including being cast as the Lion in “The Wizard of Oz”). Abby wears her heart on her sleeve, as the audience learns – sadly -that harassment is prevalent in the world of comedy also. 

How are the shows going?

They are going great! It’s my first time in Edinburgh with a show of my own, so my expectations were a fairly low. I thought it might be more of a learning experience than an absolute slam dunk success of an experience if you get my drift? But my shows have completely exceeded my expectations!

How are your jokes going down with the Edinburgh Crowd?

Very well!! What a relief! I did have a bit of a fear before I came here that I was in fact a massive fraud who was being humoured in New Zealand by friends and family into thinking I was funny. So it has been an immense relief that people in Edinburgh find me funny too.

Are you an early night or a party girl after the shows?

Absolutely in my heart I am an early night girl forever and always, but I have been partying here in Edinburgh! Which for me means staying up past midnight and having more than one beer.

Coming from NZ, what do you love about the UK?

The price of produce.

And what are you missing from home?

I miss my friends, family, my little routines and my dog.

Why should people come and see your show today?

People should come and see my show ‘HarleQueen’ because it is funny and I also cry probably most nights, so you really get an interesting experience.