February 14


Great Questions To Ask In An Interview


Conducting an interview is something that can invoke a little bit of stress and anxiety for an employer. We all know how uncomfortable it is to be in an interview trying to put ourselves forward for a job, but what is it like on the other side?

The recruitment process is often long and arduous, from posting the job to checking through resumes and performing background checks such as criminal history on employees. But the interview stage is both the most crucial and the most stressful.

Today we want to ease the stress a little bit and suggest some of the best questions you can ask to an interviewee to assess their ability as well as their fit within your company.

Q – Tell me about a time you were set difficult goals.

This question is one that will not only invoke an interesting answer about the experience of the worker, but it will also demonstrate how they might have handled this situation.

Q – Pitch our company to me

This is a question that might catch many people off guard, but it will show you who took the time to do the extra research on your company before the interview. Anyone hired for a position needs to know what the business does and who they serve.

Q – Tell me about your relationships with past colleagues

Get an idea of how outgoing and friendly the person is by seeing if they have become friends with their colleagues in the past. It will tell you more about their personality and how they may fit in with you.

Q – What project would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

Give them chance to show off. Everyone has one project that they are more proud of than any other and by exploring this, you will get to know more about their skills as well as see the enthusiasm they show for their role.

Q – What have you done professionally that you wouldn’t want to do again?

Understanding the boundaries of a prospective employee is important before you hire them. If you want someone to work for you in marketing and the person says they hate talking on the phone, you may want to put them in a more digital role or get someone else who will talk on the phone.

Q – In five minutes, could you explain something to me that is complicated but you know well?

This is a great indication of a person’s ability to articulate a point that is complex. This is useful if you work for a niche company such as Forex or Finance as your employees will need to be able to learn difficult concepts and translate them in a simple way to others.

Q – Tell me about a time you screwed up.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is not fair to assume that everyone is perfect, we are all human and now and again something won’t go to plan. This question allows the person to tell you about something they wouldn’t want to normally, and you’ll get to see the more human side of them as a result of this.