October 18


5 Ways to Choose Your Ideal Career

Image Pixabay CC0 License

Nowadays, there are so many jobs to choose from that finding your perfect career can be tricky. Of course, the main reason that people go to work is to earn money. However, if your choice of job is solely influenced by how much money you get paid for doing it, you could find yourself feeling pretty miserable. As you spend so much of your time each day at work, it would be far better to have a job that you love, than one that merely pays the bills.

No job is perfect; every career has its good points and bad. The most glamorous sounding jobs can have their downsides. Even pilots are overworked and unhappy at work at times despite it being viewed as an enviable career choice.

If you are feeling stuck at the moment and unfulfilled in your current job, here are some points to consider to help you find the right career for you:

Stay True to Your Values

If you were offered a generous salary package, doing a job that you found ethically questionable would you do it? The lure of a big wage each month is always tempting. However, in reality, going into work each day to do a job that you don’t believe in can be incredibly draining.

The problem is that once you get used to the money, it is tricky to walk away.

Seek Fulfillment

Feeling fulfilled can help to improve your job satisfaction. Being fulfilled could mean doing a job that benefits others, such as working in the medical profession, or working with animals. Often people feel fulfilled when doing a job that aligns with their values and their preferred way of working. For example, someone that loves to be outside in nature, getting a job as a groundskeeper.

Use Your Skills

Looking at your qualifications and skills and finding a way to put them to work can be a useful way to find your ideal career. Looking back to the subjects that you chose to study at college will help to reconnect you with your interests. What motivated you to pick the topics that you did? Understanding your motivation for acquiring the skills that you have and then putting them to use can help you to discover your perfect job.

Find a Balance

Understanding where your priorities lie can help you decide on a career that suits your lifestyle. If you don’t want to be away from home, then a job that involves travel obviously won’t suit you. Some careers offer lots of shift work, which are impractical if you need to arrange childcare.

Getting the balance right between work life and home life can feel tricky, but it will help to make your life a lot less stressful.

Do it Yourself

Sometimes it can feel impossible to find a career that meets your needs. If you have a fantastic idea for a job that you believe in, you could become self-employed and make a career setting your own rules.