July 17

The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Play Sports

Image Credit: Pixabay

Playing sports has so many benefits so if you don’t play one already then it might be time to take one up, it’s never too late. Life, like sports, never gets easier, you just get better at it. You learn a lot from it, and it’s great for kids and adults and here is why.

Playing Sports Is Fun

It’s called ‘sport’ for a reason; it’s fun. Not only is it fun to play, but playing a sport teaches you how to have fun. Two teams competing together is called a game, so remember that, when it’s you playing and getting frustrated or when you are a parent and standing on the sidelines. It’s a game and for having fun.

You Meet New People

Again whether it’s you or your child if you’ve just moved to a new place or want to start a new hobby, turning up on your own can be daunting at any age, but it won’t be long before you make friends. This kind of situation happens throughout life, so it’s a great thing for kids to learn and get over as early as they can. Meeting new people is an important skill, but if you practice it, you’ll become better at it.

You Learn About Discipline

If your kids are trying to juggle school, sports, practising and if they’re a bit older, a part-time job, they will not only learn about time management and a routine, but they will also learn about self-discipline too. Sticking with something that can be painful, like training and practice, something that you don’t always want to get up and do but you have committed to, is not always fun, but if you’re going to be successful you have to do it, and this is great for self-discipline.

It’s Good For Your Health

Playing sport is a fun way to build a healthy body; it gives you the energy to do the things that needed to get done. Your health will be so much better, and you’ll find that you get ill less. For your kids, school sports lessons support active students and as they get older, if they want to be successful in the sport, then they will likely pay attention to what they’re eating. There are tonnes of mental health benefits from sports too.

It Teaches You About Teamwork

It doesn’t matter how good you are; it doesn’t matter how good anyone else is on your team, if you don’t play as a team, you won’t win. When you play as a team, you are in synch, you work together, and you get results. This is a transferrable skill which is useful in so many other parts of life, having that connection with your team members to work together, appreciate each other’s role and all working toward the same goal.

You Experience Both Winning And Losing

Winning is a reward, and it’s what you get in return for practising hard, having self-discipline and working as a team. Victory will give you the motivation to keep going through the same pain so that you can continue to get the same result. However, you will lose too. You will lose in sports, and you will lose in life. Games do a great job of teaching you how to lose. You will be disappointed and probably frustrated with yourself, but there is always another chance, you need to practice harder. Every loss is a lesson.