June 11

Do You Know Enough About Your Local History?

History can be a fascinating thing. When we look into the past, we can learn more about the events that have shaped our present and will continue to shape our future. While you might learn about world history in high school, it’s rare that you’ll get the opportunity to delve into the history of where you live. Don’t you want to find out more about your local community? There could be some rich stories lurking in the annals of your town or city, and it’s up to you to discover them.

Do you know enough about your local history? Here are some of the ways you can find out.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Get researching online

One of the easiest ways, of course, to find out more about your local history is to do some research online. Depending on where you live, you might find that there are several articles online that will be able to give you some more information about your town so that you can find out more about where you live or when you’re from. The National Archive Records are a good place to get started.

Many old news articles can also be found online as a way to get to know your area’s history, especially if it has celebrated a key milestone or an anniversary online.

You could also find out easily online if any celebrities were born or lived in your area, which can help you uncover some amazing local connections.

Speak to family and friends

While you might not know as much about your local area, it doesn’t mean that your family and friends don’t! Ask around to find out what you can about your local history – some of them might have even been a part of it! Delving into your family tree can be an excellent way to discover more about your neighborhood and some things you didn’t know about your own family. It can help you discover your roots and where your family hails from, which can help you find out some amazing things about yourself.

Listen to local radio

Listening to your local radio station can be an enjoyable way to find out more about your local area. Listening to different news stories and features can be an informative way of learning more about your home, while multitasking at the same time. Start listening to your local station when you’re in the car or cleaning your home and start taking an interest in the fascinating things going on in your town.

Meet with the older generations in your community

Older people offer an incredible source of knowledge on all sorts of subjects. For first-hand accounts as well as some incredible stories, who better to learn more about your local history than from those who lived through it? Ever wondered how many WW2 veterans are still alive? While the number of veterans is declining, you could find some in your local area who could provide you with some fantastic insights into a key part of history. Why not help record their memories by filming or writing down your conversations to preserve them for generations to come?

Head to the local library

Affordable bookshops, eBooks and the internet mean you might not set foot in a library much these days, but they are still brilliant for digging through old newspapers, journals and other resources that can help you discover local history. Librarians are also skilled researchers and can help you find information on different topics, helping to make your efforts pay off better. A visit to the library can help you to discover its many benefits and give you a good excuse to make more use of your community’s wonderful assets.

Become a tourist in your own town

It can be easy to take your local area for granted. If you haven’t gone to your local museums and tourist spots, now would be a great time! Spend some time being a tourist in your local area and discover all of the great things your neighborhood has to offer. An open-top bus or a guided walking tour can teach you things you might not know about your neighborhood, and help you see it in a whole new light. Why not bring some friends or your kids along with you?

Volunteer with local community projects

One way you can get to know your local community better and discover its history is through volunteering. Community projects can make a big difference to others, and many projects have a historical focus in mind. From helping with archive projects to restoring old buildings and monuments, you could help learn more about your town or city’s past, while also helping its future.

Don’t forget that volunteering can have many benefits. It’s wonderful to be able to help out others and offer your time to a great cause, but it can also be a great way to improve your resume and impress at your next job interview.

Why it’s important to know your local history

Getting to understand your local history can be an interesting and exciting way to find out more about where you live. History has shaped who we are today, and by exploring yours, you’ll be able to find out how your neighborhood has come to be the place it is today.

Knowing your local history will also give you some incredible knowledge to pass onto your children ready to help them learn more about where they live as they grow up and become a part of the community.

There are plenty of incredible things to discover about your local area, and getting involved in your community’s local history will not only help preserve it, but could give you a fun new hobby too. Delve into your local history and see some of the amazing things you can find out about where you live.