June 17

Developing Your Event Hall Space


Running an event hall is one of the most versatile things you could care for. But if you find yourself in control of this, no matter if it’s for theatre, live performance, religious practice, a community gathering, or simply a blank slate to rent to people as you see fit – it’s important to develop this space well.

To do that, we need to look at some of the main principles that embody this kind of design. After all, you likely wish for your event space to be practical, to use the space well, to ensure people return, to remain a quality place to enter, to stay secure, and more importantly, to have safety as its fundamental priority. You can achieve all this and more, but first it requires a keen eye and someone willing to make those changes.

With our guide, we hope to help you to that end. Not only can this help you tailor your event hall to the best of your ability, but also if you have little experience in this field .Please, consider:


Consider how the acoustics might be best represented when you consider the layout of your room. Of course, a large part of this is in how the space was designed by the architect, but you can also influence it to a degree. How the seating is tiered or set up, how the stage is raised, how you might implement a podium or some kind of speaker-functionality can help whoever needs to speak become heard by all. If you get this right, you might be able to throw small plays or other functions here, such as town meetings, with care.


Depending on the direct intent of the event hall, it’s important to consider the implements you might choose. For example, a Mosque is much more than a simple ‘event space,’ it is a religious institution. But in no way does that negate the need for solid maintenance, such as fantastic Mosque carpet that is intended to be used for comfortable prayer and meditation. Consider how the space you are responsible for might be used, and choose the implements that could best surround that. You will thank yourself for doing so.


Safety is simply essential when developing the criteria of your event hall space. Fire exits should be easily accessible. Stairs should be carefully marked, and disabled access, both to enter and evacuate if needed, should be considered.

On top of that, consider the fire safety of your hall. Packing too many items together in such a small place, overloading the circuits through the plug sockets, and generally paying little mind to navigability suggests an accident waiting to happen. Safety also implies hygiene, and so ensuring the space is equipped with cleaning materials and is regularly attended to could be considered absolutely ideal. An alarm system and cohesive set of security cameras can also prevent break-ins.

With these tips, you are certain to develop your event hall space well.