April 17

Urban Legends About Dreams

If you are someone who enjoys a good urban legend, you will love this post. Below, we are going to reveal some of the creepiest urban legends about dreams. So, let’s get started…

· Sandman – You will have probably heard about the story of the Sandman. The Sandman makes girls and boys dream by sprinkling sand into their eyes. You know if the Sandman visited you during the night because you would wake up with crusty residue around your eyes. This may not sound creepy. However, the Der Sandman story from 1816 is. There have been lots of books on this since. LCMPA is a good source for all things literacy. This story has tortured children, as it said that the Sandman visited children who wouldn’t go to sleep, and his sand made the kids’ eyes fall out. He would then collect the eyes and fed them to his demonic children.

· Sleep paralysis – Sleep paralysis itself is not an urban legend, as many people have experienced it. If you have not heard of sleep paralysis before, this is when you wake up yet you cannot speak or move. In most cases, it is also accompanied by the feeling of being watched. It can be a truly horrifying experience. It is simply a case of the mind playing tricks. However, there are some urban legends regarding sleep paralysis. The Pakistani legend is that the sleeper has been possessed by Satan. While an invisible demon is said to attack you in the night in Kashmir. In Turkey, a djinn, which is a supernatural creature, sits on the person’s arms and strangles them while covering their mouth.

· Phobetor – Next, we have the Greek legend of Phobetor. This is a god that was said to bring nightmares. Each night, he would infest the dreams of the living, after emerging as a winged demon from the land of eternal darkness. The name Phobetor actually translates from Greek as ‘to be feared’.

· Mara – Last but not least, we have the creepy tale of mara, which is part of Germanic folklore. ‘Mare’ is the English word for mara, which is the origin of the word nightmare. In all Germanic cultures, mara is an evil spirit that is said to sit on a person’s chest while they are sleeping. Mara constricts the person’s air supply and turns their dreams into nightmares. There are different variations of this legend, as in some cultures mara is a thick-skinned goblin, whereas Croatians believe mara is a beautiful woman that tortures men in their sleep.