Brit and Ivor Novello Award-winning singer and songwriter KT Tunstall shares her 5 things to do today #KTTunstall #Lifestyle

We are very grateful to KT for taking time out to contribute her 5 things. Hope you enjoy!

1. I am a big fan of Bulletproof coffee, so a great day always starts with freshly grinding coffee beans and enjoying the lovely ritual of making fresh coffee and blending it with unsalted grass-fed butter and MCT oil. I have a brilliant travel coffee maker and a ‘whizzer’, so I make this no matter where I am. It’s amazing stuff; my body temperature raises, my brain sparks alight, and my resting mood is elevated. I have Bulletproof coffee as breakfast, so the ritual of it is a lovely start to every day.

2. Meditation. My best days usually involve time spent meditating. I first began practising meditation properly when I moved to LA 6 years ago, and I can find it quite transformational for the day ahead. Sometimes it is just quiet, sometimes I have real breakthroughs, sometimes it is a little extra rest! Recently during a group mediation session, I was enlightened to the idea that you join a global meditation energy when you go into that space, which I’ve loved thinking about. 

3. Cooking! I’ve never been that into cooking in the past, but since buying a little travel stove and taking it on tour with me, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m not really interested in cooking complex dishes that take ages, I’m more excited by really simple, very quick and very tasty stuff! 

4. I don’t often have a lot of free time, but I love feeling a sense of wonder, something that makes my mind, body and soul feel a buzz. I can feel this from a walk in a park, or seeing a brilliant exhibition or installation, to a great film, a good read, or a show, or just a really good conversation with a friend. 

5. For a really perfect day, I’d do something to pamper myself! I absolutely love going to a Spa, having a massage or reflexology treatment, spending some time clearing my mind, and making my body feel great. Or going shopping and treating myself to something that – in the words of Marie Kondo – ‘sparks joy’!

KT will be performing with American pop rock duo Hall and Oates next week and also releasing her new single ‘Little Red Thread’ on 17th May.