Make sure that your baby gets a good nights sleep not forgetting yourself of course!

After a brief chat on Twitter we were very grateful to the ‘Infant Sleep Consultants’ for offering these 5 tips on baby sleeping – and of course YOU sleeping.

Meet the Sleep Advisors

Tip 1 

If you have a bad night, don’t lose confidence, draw a line under it & start again the next day , it’s always fixable!

Tip 2 

Always try to put your baby to sleep awake. We don’t want them to feel alarmed when they wake to find you’ve gone!

Tip 3 

There is no magic to sleep training, it’s about finding a manageable approach and sticking to it – consistency is key!

Tip 4 

If you can’t sleep, don’t go online! Phones/laptop etc emits light that blocks melatonin in your brain & stops sleep!

Tip 5 

There is so much conflicting sleep advice out there & it’s overwhelming! Listen to your gut, you know your child best.

Infant Sleep Consultants 

Experts in sleeping children and happy parents!