February 04

12 Ways To ‘Adult’ Starting From Now

So you might not have done much adulting before, but at what point do you start? There comes a time in your life where you need to take some responsibility, both for your present and your future. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything overnight to help you change your ways, baby steps are good after all.

Work your way through this list of 12 ways to ‘adult’ and start taking control of your life.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

1. Cut the attitude

During your younger years, you probably feel as though you have a lot to prove, which unfortunately can come with an attitude. This might sound like school ground advice, but why not just be nice to people? Being rude and having a bad attitude for the sake of it won’t get you anywhere, and it’s much better to simply be kind. Think twice before you respond, as you might regret those initial reactions later.

2. Start saving money

One of the biggest parts of adulting is taking care of your finances. Learning how to save, pay off your debts and make better choices about your spending can help you manage your money better now and help you get ready for the future. Start a rainy day savings account and another for long-term saving to help you get into the habit of putting money aside.

3. Be a more responsible driver

How sensible is your driving? Perhaps you don’t take care of your car as well as you should? It’s definitely time to change that. Being a mature and responsible driver is important to keep yourself and others safe on the road. Make sure that you’re fully insured and that you have some savings and a plan in place if you were to have your car written off. Compass Cars is a great solution for making sure you’re not left without a car if someone else was to blame for you being without a car. A car is a big ticket item, and a lot of responsibility, which you need to start taking seriously.

4. Get a pet

While this one isn’t for everyone, getting a pet can actually be a good way to start taking on some more adult responsibility. When you have a pet as a child, you’ve always got your parents and family to help you take care of it. When it’s just you, however, all of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. A pet like a cat or a dog gives you something to come home to, instead of staying out all hours until they call last orders – some real responsibility for someone else. If you’re not quite there, you could start with something that’s easier to take care of, like a goldfish!

5. Set yourself some career goals

For many people, getting any job fresh from school or uni is an achievement when you consider all of the competition that’s out there. Your first job can be a way to get your foot in the door, but where do you want to go from here? Setting yourself some career goals can help you to figure out where you want to go, giving you the chance to do something you really want to do. Learn how to set some long and short-term goals for your career to help you get to where you want to be.

6. Spend more time with family

As a teenager, you can’t wait to move out to get some independence and start living your own life. But you’ll soon come to realise just how important family is. Your family can provide a supportive environment, offering useful advice on all sorts of things you’ll face as an adult. Make an effort to visit your family when you can, and even if you live far away, it helps to pick up the phone and catch up regularly.

7. Eat healthier

There’s no avoiding healthy eating at the moment. It’s all over Instagram, the news and in your friendship circles and workplaces. Eating healthier can help you to maintain a good weight that will keep obesity and its associated illnesses at bay, helping you stay healthier for longer. A balanced diet should consist of plenty of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Start paying closer attention to what you eat and rely less on eating out or getting takeaway!

8. Exercise more

One clear sign of getting older is the weight gain that begins to creep in somewhere in your early 20s. As a kid, it’s easy to maintain a healthy weight, but as an adult with a slower metabolism – it takes more work. The recommended physical activity for adults is 150 minutes a week, so look at ways to fit in 30 minutes of exercise a day and start getting more active. Your renewed energy and looser clothes are just two of the effects you’ll experience if you keep it up!

9. Do your bit for the environment

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the effect of global warming and waste on our environment, and it’s our responsibility to do something about it. Could you give up your car and give cycling a try? Getting into some good habits now can have a significant impact, even if you don’t think it will change anything. Look at ways you can cut your plastic use and start having conversations with friends about it – the more we own up to our actions and make changes, the brighter the future will be for the planet.

10. Learn how to be more productive

We all enjoy a lazy weekend now and then, but if you find that you’re spending most of your free time lounging in bed watching Netflix, you’re going to find it hard to shake those habits later on. Being more productive at work can help you further your career and become better at your job, but being more productive outside of work can also help you to manage your time better and take control of your finances, your home, etc. Take a look at various productivity hacks to see if any of them could help you make the most of your time.

11. Look after your sexual health

Are you clued up on your sexual health? If you’ve never been for STI tests or been for a check-up, perhaps it’s time you did. While it can be nerve-wracking, it’s over before you know it, and with these things, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t put off being tested, especially if you haven’t always been careful with contraception – it could save you or someone else facing bigger problems later in life.

12. Dedicate some time to others

It doesn’t take much to be able to give your time to others. There are a lot of ways you can give back to your local community that can be done through your workplace, online or with any free time that you have. Even the smallest efforts can make a big difference, so why not get some friends together and clean up your local beach or park, or spend time helping out a local cause? The rewards that come with volunteering your time are numerous, and you never know what opportunities it could lead to.

While everyone’s opinion of adulting might be different, there are plenty of easy things you can do to help you take a more mature approach to life and start making some changes. The good habits you start now could have a positive impact on your future so join in with this thing we call ‘adulting’ and take charge of your life now.