5 things to do do – Sunday 11th November 2018 #Lifestyle #Money #London #Jobs #Blinklist

Here are today’s selection. Everything from reading non fiction books quickly to having quick access to the perfect job. There is even advice on how to save money easily.

  1. Upload your CV onto Indeed. It takes seconds to upload, you can modify it anytime on any device and you will have access to thousands of jobs. Once your CV is uploaded potential employers can find you – your dream job might just be around the corner. It is also easy to apply for jobs through the site once your CV has been uploaded.
  2. Read non fiction books in about 15 minutes thanks to BlinkList. BlinkList lets you read the key lessons from 2500+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. You can read via your tablet or listen to the audio.BlinkList is perfect listening in the car as you commute to work – your very own 4 wheel university!
  3. If you are studying A Level physics then you should definitively invest in the website alevelphysicsonline. These video tutorials are clear, concise, accurate and a little bit quirky. This is a truly excellent site covering all major exam boards. There is also a GCSE version coming soon.
  4. Enjoy a Gin Fizz at in The American bar at The Savoy Hotel on The Strand London. The height of the egg white continues to impress. The service in this bar is always professional and the knowledge of the waiters is exceptional. This is a very special place indeed.
  5. Save money using the 52 weeks savings app. Decide on an initial amount – let’s say something low such as £1.00. Week one save £1.00, week 2 save 2.00 and so on. By the time you saved for 52 weeks you will have saved £1378. If your initial amount was £10.00 then you will save a whopping £13,780. Start now!

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