September 10


What Does It Mean to Have Employees?

People often forget just how difficult it can be to have employees in your business. For instance, when you first hire an employee, you’ll often treat them in a very friendly manner and completely forget that they also need to get work done. That relationship can eventually develop into a more personal one and you could start to lose sight of why you even hired them in the first place.

Employees are professionals, not friends

Of course, it depends on the type of job you’re hiring them in to, but do keep in mind that employees aren’t your close friends. That’s why a lot of people advise against hiring your friends as workers for you–it just doesn’t really work out. Instead, people prefer to hire professionals that they don’t have a relationship with because then they can be judged and criticized based on their work and not their personal relationships.

However, working together with friends can work depending on the industry and business model–it just depends on what you personally know how to work with. Having employees means that you need to take responsibility for their actions and you need to overlook what they do, when they do it and how they’re performing, and at times, helping them through tough times. Below, we’ve included a short infographic on how you can motivate your employees.

Infographic: Harper James Solicitors