Top 5 Things To Do in Slovenia For A Solo Traveller #Travel #Slovenia

From it’s quaint, small city charm, to its endless miles of lush green terrain, complete with magnificent waterfalls and scenic hiking trails, Slovenia is a solid choice for those wishing for an action-packed, adrenaline-fulled getaway. Yet its humble approach to tourism and wanderlust leaves it flying under the radar for many – me included. Struggling to find the perfect getaway for myself (no beaches, no lounging around etc.), I stumbled across the stunning South European country, and my streak of indecisiveness was broken, prompting me to immediately book flights and hotels. And the whim paid off. As a huge advocate of solo travel, I can’t recommend Slovenia enough. You will never find yourself at a loss of things to do, and the pleasantly busy aspect to your trip will have you not having a care in the world as you saunter into eateries for a lovely meal to collect your thoughts.

I spent five days in Slovenia and from city life to the sun-soaked, fresh air of nature, I have listed the top 5 things for you to do in Slovenia. Enjoy, and any questions, please feel free to ask!

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