August 31


5 things to do in Trieste #Italy #Business #Travel

Many visitors, upon discovering Trieste, will say that they have the impression of not being in Italy at all. The regional capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has been an international melting pot of cultures, languages and tradition for longer than most major cities. There is something distinctly Mitteleuropean about Trieste’s atmosphere, whereas the dialect carries influences of all the nations that have traded with this great port through the centuries, from Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean area, from the frozen North to the Middle-East. Close to some of the most important industrial hubs of the Country and projected onto continental Europe, but at the same time detached from the frenzy of corporate life and adjusted to its own slower pace, Trieste is the perfect place to indulge in a spot of sightseeing in the middle of a business trip. If you only have limited time to explore the city, this pick of Trieste’s best attractions is sure to guide you on your way.

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