5 Key Things To Do After #UKCAT #medicine #medschool #Ucas

The UCAS deadline is approaching fast and you need to make sure you write and perfect your personal statement well before it…’
From drafting your personal statement to keeping up with medical news in preparation for interviews, here are your next steps after sitting your UKCAT.

1. Finalising those med schools

The UKCAT scores are on a spectrum and medical schools use them differently, so you need to take your score and use it as a tool to help you properly narrow down where you’re going to be apply.

Be realistic about it – you might have set your heart on a particular medical school, but if your UKCAT score isn’t enough for them, don’t waste an application there. Remember if you apply to your strengths you are so much more likely to get an offer!

Universities tend to have open days in October, so if you are really unsure, it may be worth booking yourself on those so you can take your score and critically compare the way it will assessed by each admissions team.

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