July 22


Reasons to Staycation This Summer


When the word “staycation” first came into use a few years ago, it generally meant to take time off work, and stay at home. Using your break to rest and relax in your own house, while also doing jobs that you’ve been putting off and catching up on chores at home. However, as time has gone on going abroad on expensive package holidays has become less popular. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the economy means that in the coming years even fewer of us are likely to holiday abroad. The growing trend to take holidays in our own country means that the use of the word “staycation” has evolved. It’s now as likely to mean taking a holiday in your home country, but still getting away from your house for a while.

If you haven’t got anything booked for this summer, and you’re worried about a long six weeks at home with the kids with no firm plans to break up the time, a staycation could well be the answer. Here are four reasons to take a staycation this summer.

It’s Cheap

A staycation can be as cheap, or as expensive as you want it to be. You might want to spend a little having your car checked, and the suspension looked at, to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. You might want to check into a fancy hotel and spa. Or, you might just want to stay on a basic campsite close to home and take the train. It can be as cheap or as expensive as your budget allows. But, there’ll be none of the related costs of traveling abroad like exchanging money and renewing passports.

There’s Plenty to See

We live in a pretty small country. But, we see even less of it. You probably spend most of your life in the area that surrounds your house. There’s so much more to see. Everyone should take a road trip around their home country at least once. To meet new people, explore new areas and learn more about their own history and heritage.

You Get More Time

When you go abroad, two days are lost to travel. Even if you are going somewhere relatively close and the flight is short, you still lose most of a day. You have to travel to the airport, arrive two hours before checking in, face delays, collect your luggage and tackle security on the other side and then travel to your accommodation. By the time you arrive, you’re too tired to do anything. A staycation cuts down travel time and makes any that you do have to do much easier and less stressful.

Less Packing

Another part of holidays that wastes time and causes stress is packing. When we travel to a different country, we often feel we have to take everything that we could possibly need, just in case. Stay near home, and it doesn’t matter if you forget something. You can easily fetch it or buy what you need.