4 Quick Ways To Start an eBay Business

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Full time or just as a lucrative additional income stream, more and more people are using the eBay platform to make money. There are now millions of people taking an income from the huge ecommerce platform thanks to its extensive site traffic, huge audience and ease of use – and in a few easy steps that could be you too. Whether you get into it casually as a more modern way of having a garage sale and a bit of a clear out, or you go the whole hog and produce a full business plan, if you go about it the right way, there’s certainly money to be made.

Set Up Your Business Legally and To Last

Even though it might be a side venture, if you foresee growth potential or you’ve done well with a few sales and you want to make more of it, it’s worth making sure that you set yourself up on eBay legally. Read a guide for small business owners that will let you in on a few trade secrets and ensure that you know where you stand legally and for tax reasons. You don’t want to put this off and get caught out further down the line. Also consider what you might need to monitor success and profit. Start a few spreadsheets to keep track of costs and outlay and track what return on investment you are making. Keep an eye on the average price of sales and what time of the day and week performs best. Track your stock effectively using a free barcode generator, and always store proof of postage in case of any customer disputes.

Aim for Flawless Customer Service

Your best business will always be repeat business, so keep your focus on ensuring that customers are well served and want to come back. In this day and age, everything is very transparent, and with the in-built feedback system and social media, word will quickly spread if you don’t give your customers the best experience. Politely follow up on feedback, leave your own, and investigate ways to surprise and delight your customers to keep your rating tip top. If you do get any complaints, aim to resolve them quickly and fairly.

Work On Your Marketing

Just because you are using a bigger platform doesn’t mean eBay has to be the only string to your bow. Many find success combining online auction sales, an eBay store and their own website, supplemented with some social media activity and a few videos if you have a speciality subject where you feel you can connect with people.

Find Tips For Success

eBay themselves are set up to help sellers succeed – after all, it’s in their interest. Check out eBay University for top advice on growing your sales and making the most of your business. You can learn how to increase the volume of your monthly sales, how to communicate better with your customers, how to resolve disputes effectively and how to consistently improve your feedback score.