July 14


Reasons To Use Video For Marketing


Using video for marketing is a tactic which so many people are doing these days and it is becoming more and more popular. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the video production world yet, you need to get going because video marketing is becoming huge and may even be the future of marketing itself. If you aren’t sure whether or not to commit time to make a video, here are some reasons to convince you.

Better conversion

When you create a video on your social media channel of on YouTube, you are essentially opening a link to your business in a different way. Your video will have a description, and in this description, you will always want to make sure that you add your website and social media links. This will allow people who watch your video to get to Your website, and you will likely get a better rate of sales and conversion because of this. People will always want to know more about the person who’s video they are watching.

It can make your website more interesting

If you can work with a video production agency to create a great video to introduce you to your followers, you can put this on the landing page of your website to make it much more interesting to the audience. Rather than your opening webpage being plain or with images, you can add a video into the page which will play when a visitor has it in full view. It can make a difference to the impression you put across right away.


You are probably sick of hearing about SEO by now, but it will always be a big factor in the success of your content and your brand as a whole. As far as video is concerned, YouTube is owned by Google, and therefore if you add a video to YouTube and link it back to your website, you are more likely to appear higher in the search engine rankings. Search engines love videos and will always bump these up higher than those without videos.


When you are behind a screen and on social media typing out words, you are never truly making a personal connection with your audience. When you make a video and upload it to your channel, you are opening yourself up and this can help to build trust between you and your audience. Credibility and trust is a huge part of a successful business relationship and you can build this by showing your face and your personality in front of the camera.

Social media loves it

Video is addictive. It is far too easy to spend hours scrolling through Facebook or YouTube and watching video after video. Because they move, video is so much more eye-catching than most types of content and this makes more people engage with it. Try to make videos which are engaging and fun to watch, and you will likely get lots of views and hopefully shares on social media.