5 things to do at JESS Dubai today

Schools around the world fundamentally do very similar things: they all teach lessons, they offer a range of extra-curricular activities (sport, music, drama and adventurous activities). However, some schools offer something a little bit special. Here’s 5 things to do at JESS Dubai.

Mark S Steed, Director of JESS, Dubai

JESS Dubai

1.      Experience the Blitz

JESS Dubai is one of the leading schools in the world in Virtual Reality teaching. This enables our pupils to travel back in time and re-live experiences. The Year Six students go beyond just learning about the events of the Second World War by taking part in an immersive VR experience which lets them feel what it was like to be in London in 1940 during the Blitz. The quality of their writing after the VR experience is significantly more developed in comparison to when year groups studied this topic using other media.  Experience the Blitz with JESS Year 6 here

2.      Build a Rocket

All JESS pupils in Years 7 to 9 have lessons in ‘Innovation’, which teaches ‘design thinking’ through a range of exercises designed to test skills in problem-solving, engineering, coding. Creativity and invention. One task involves creating and testing balloon rockets. Students compete to keep their rocket in the air for the longest time.

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3.      Speak to the World

For four years, JESS has run a very successful TEDx programme and given the opportunity to many of our students to speak to the world on topics they are passionate about. Year 12 student, Samira Jungen, posed that investing time cancels out regret building brilliant shining memories and she encouraged the world audience to invest in the moment.  Watch Samira speak to the world here:

4.      Design a racing car

Imagine being in the pitstop at Formula One and pitching your ideas to the judges. Choosing your brand name, showcasing your pit area and proving your research and engineering abilities as you pitch your racing car against the opposition. Formula Ethara is a hugely successful after-school club available to all our Year 6 primary students.

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5.      Build a House in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Every year a group of JESS Year 12 students travel to Vietnam as part of their International Award programme. They trek through the Vietnam jungle on a five-day expedition, and then they get to work on a community service project building a house for some of the poorest people in the world. They spend their days mixing the mortar and laying the bricks – the work is hard but hugely rewarding. Whilst working on the project they live with the families in the Mekong Delta community. JESS students have now built twenty-four houses and renovated a school over the seven years of the project. The whole experience is life-changing: making a difference on the ground and opening minds to how those less fortunate in life.