Shop at Natural for Baby, Balham

You will find a wealth of gifts and essentials for a baby and some items are now here for toddlers too!

Natural for Baby 

All products are made with organic or natural materials that are also sustainable. Products are sourced from companies who either hand make or produce items ethically.

Excellent for whether you are concerned with the environment, wanting to keep a baby in a chemical-free world, have a baby with eczema and are looking for products to help to reduce the eczema, are concerned with how items are made or simply want something that is cute!

From a Morning Sickness Balm to a Nursery Furniture set, pop in to discover what’s here for a Mum-to-be, Baby on the way, new baby or toddler.

This shop is owned and run by Elizabeth, a local lady who opened the shop in 2014 as a Franchisee and now runs the shop under a new shop name as an Independent Proprietor!

Five things about Elizabeth 

  1. I was a Franchisee, but am now running an Independent shop!
  2. I am a born and bred Londoner and prefer the South of the River.
  3. I love things that are Ethical, products that are made with no sweatshop conditions and are good for the environment too.
  4. I used to have a disability, but after doing the Alexander Technique, I no longer am officially disabled.
  5. I love both all things fish and animation related to the extent that I once hired a screen in a local cinema for my birthday. Many of my friends and family joined me in watching Finding Nemo together!