Sue Walsh founder of shares her 5 things to do today

  1. Wake up and be thankful you are alive -you’re only here once, stop bitching about stuff that doesn’t really matter, nobody really cares.
  2. Remember the good things/people around you; that might be your friends, family or
    Your work colleague who gave you a doughnut, or a smile from a stranger. It might even be the fact you have a doughnut!
  3. Remember you are amazing and unique. Every cell in your body is completely different to the next person. You are AWESOME
  4. Remind yourself of all the amazing things you are good at, it doesn’t matter if that’s cleaning the streets, making tea, making people smile or fighting for human rights. We all have special talents, remember and embrace yours
  5. Don’t judge an elephant by its ability to climb a tree; be good at the things you are good at, it’s ok not but to be good at everything, what you are what you are good at is fine.


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