5 things to do at this years Manchester International Festival

What is the City but the People?

Piccadilly Gardens, 29 JUNE

Created by the People of Manchester from an idea by Jeremy Deller in association with Islington Mill. Raised high above the pavements, a unique selection of individuals from across Manchester will walk a specially designed runway stretching more than 100 meters through Piccadilly Gardens. Audiences, both in the streets and online, will watch as local residents parade the runway for this free event. Ranging from high-fashion statements to far more personal moments, What Is the City but the People? will capture Manchester through its outfits, attitudes and individuality. Directed by Richard Gregory the opening event of MIF17 will be accompanied by live music from Graham Massey.

Party Skills for the End of the World

Secret Location, 27 JUNE – 16 JULY

Award-winning theatrical innovators Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari have been invited to make their Manchester International Festival debut with the world premiere of their subversive experiential Party Skills for the End of the World. In a secret location, the audience will learn the essential skills needed to survive and thrive in a world where has gone: skills ranging from how to make the perfect martini, to how to pick the best music to get everyone dancing to entertain a terrified crowd to cleaning and stitching a wound.

The Welcoming Party

Museum of Science and Industry, Water Street, 4 – 15 JULY (except Monday and Tuesday); 8-9 JULY and 15-16 JULY

Award-winning Theatre-Rites, one of Europe’s most imaginative theatre companies will create a brand new immersive production, The Welcoming Party, for the 2017 Festival. Moving through the historic 1830 Warehouse of the Museum of Science and Industry, audiences will be invited to explore how we can offer a welcome to people who are on a journey to find a place to call home. A blend of puppetry, performance, dance and live music for both children and family audiences, The Welcoming Party has been directed by Sue Buckmaster, with music composed by Frank Moon.

Returning to Reims

Home, 5 – 14 JULY

Adapted from Didier Eribon’s bestselling memoir by Thomas Ostermeier, the Artistic Director of Berlin’s revered Schaubühne and one of world theatre’s most thrilling directors, Returning to Reims is an urgent reflection on the new world order. Nina Hoss stars in Ostermeier’s world premiere, with music by Nils Ostendorf, stage & costume design byNina Wetzel, video by Sebastien Dupouey and Dramaturgy by Florian Borchmeyer.

10000 Gestures

Mayfield Depot, 13-15 JULY

Boris Charmatz will be opening his newest work at MIF17. For this highly ambitious piece, In the pre-premiere of his latest work, Charmatz will fill the atmospheric space of Mayfield Depot, a disused train station in the heart of Manchester, with an explosion of movement, choreographing a cacophony of gestures whilst allowing no repetition. A 25-strong ensemble of dancers will perform, in succession, 10000 Gestures – none repeated every one unique. In his truly inimitable style, Boris Charmatz will rethink and reinvent the language of dance through this thrilling production.