5 things tries out Vintwined – Unique fine wines married with perfect food pairings

Last weekend 5 things had the privilege of sampling the ‘This is English’ food and wine event by new company Vintwined.

The event held at Stepney City Farm. Vintwined was founded by businessman and wine expert Neil Deacon in 2016.  


Arrive at your venue and sit at your table. These are pop-up events so can pop up literally anywhere. ‘This is English’ was held in Stepney City Farm – maybe not what you first think of when you want to experience fine wines and food pairings sourced from England. Four guests sat at each table.


Read the set menu from top to bottom. Scan your eyes down the four wines you will be enjoying throughout the evening. Vintwined is different in that Neil chooses the wine first and then pairs the food. This is unusual but works superbly. The fact that Neil does all the hard work for you is perfect for your stress levels.


Neil’s passion for wine is infectious, and between each course, Neil gives tasting notes and the background to each of the wines. Neil explains why particular foods are chosen in good detail – questions are encouraged. Neil is warm and welcoming giving the whole experience an interactiveness you wouldn’t find in a restaurant.


The accompanying food was truly excellent and of high quality. Think spiced pork belly, seared tuna, guinea fowl and honey cake for dessert. The chef on our evening was Michelin trained.If you would like extra drinks, then you can buy these at the bar at an additional cost to the event price. The excellent wine is also available to buy with a 20% discount.


Sign up to another Vintwined event. Once you have enjoyed the best of English wines, then you could move onto a four-course tasting menu with four stunning champagnes. This event is held at The Clerkenwell Kitchen.

A Vintwined event is unique and combines a wine education with fantastic food and company. You will dine in out of the ordinary venues and sample the best well thought out wines possible.


Tickets are available from the Vintwined website and bookable via Design my Night.