Celebrate the Moon Festival with Royal China

Mooncake (Custard) cropped

To celebrate the Moon Festival on 15 September 2016, Royal China is now offering diners the chance to purchase a box of traditional Mooncakes. The indulgent Chinese treats are made in-house by Royal China’s expert pastry chefs.

This year’s varieties include a box of eight Mini egg yolk custard Mooncakes for £23.80 or a box of four large traditional flavour Mooncakes are available in Double salted duck egg yolk and Lotus leaf paste for £25.80. Last year Royal China sold more than 1,000 Mooncakes.

The Moon Festival is a celebration for lunar worship during which Mooncakes are considered a delicacy. Mooncakes are round pastries with a thick filling, usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste and are eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea.

The Royal China Group consists of six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants, including the luxurious and critically-acclaimed Royal China Club. Based in prime areas of London, the restaurants are centrally located on Baker Street, as well as in Bayswater, Fulham, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Canary Wharf.

The Royal China restaurants offer traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes, while the Royal China Club provides and exclusive experience combining European ingredients within the authentic Chinese cuisine.

The group is renowned for its Dim Sum, which is served daily from Noon until 5pm.

Moon Cakes at Royal China 2