Dvd’s from Poundland and sticky toffee pudding at Heston’s Crown pub in Bray – part of today’s five 

  1. Order an egg and bacon sandwich at Five on the Bridge in East Molesey – just near Hampton Court. This cafe in a row of cafes does the best sandwich – order it on brown. The coffee is also good. 
  2. Try the 8 hour diet and do it properly. This fasting diet (8 hours of eating followed by 16 hours of not eating) seems simple enough. Remember though the 8 minutes of exercise and the 8 power foods. 
  3. Try a three month trial of Apple Music. This steaming service is head to head with Spotify. It seems totally worth doing the trial – just remember to cancel it if not satisfied. 
  4. Buy a DVD from poundland. DVD’s might be on the way out but for a pound you can’t complain. The titles in stock are a bit of a trip down memory lane but go and have a look for yourself. 
  5. Order the sticky toffee pudding at The Crown pub Bray – full review of this fantastic low beam pub coming this week.