5 Top tips to help increase productivity at work

1.  Keep Hydrated

Did you know over 75% of people don’t drink enough water? Only a 2% Decrease in water levels can lead to a 20% dip in concentration! So it is really important to make sure you Keep Hydrated.

Why not give your water a tasty Zing by adding fresh citrus fruits. The Root 7 Zingo costs £10 and brings the 21st century to your water bottle by adding flavour to your water without any added nasty sugars or preservatives.


2.  Take a Stand

It has been proven that people who use standing desks focus increases by 12%. As avoiding sitting for long periods helps increasing your blood flow and oxygen levels.


The Varidesk gives you the capability to elevate your workstation from a seated position to standing in a few seconds. Prices start from £150


3.  Banish RSI

Symptoms of RSI can cause pain and discomfort whilst we work. Making simple tasks longer and less enjoyable to complete. Make sure to take regular breaks and exercise your hands and wrists to help prevent and banish RSI

A Penclic Keyboard and Mouse from Posturite will also help prevent RSI, providing you with alternative comfortable positions for your hands and wrists which will help accelerate your efficiency and productivity. Prices start from £50


4.  Make sure you are fully charged

73% of people us their personal smart phones for work and using them for work tasks such as emails, phone calls downloading PDF’s. Carry out all these ask can drain your battery very quickly, don’t lose your charge when you need it the most.

The Kavson Besiter Eclipse starts from just £9.99 can charge your phone up to 5 times over, so no excuse for missing that all important email from your boss.


5.  Snack Healthy

It is important to stay refuelled in order to provide our brain with the energy it need to stay alert throughout the day. It is also important to make healthy choses as food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance and an unhealthy lunch or snack can derail an entire afternoon.

Creative Nature are specialists in providing the highest quality natural healthy snacks that are 100% Vegan and 100% Natural. Healthier snacks are packed with antioxidants that minimize bodily inflammation, improve memory, more engaged, enhance mood which in hand will dramatically improve your productivity. The Goji Goodness Berry Energy Bar comes in a box of 20 and for £17.92