We interview Made in Chelsea’s Emma Walsh

Thank you to Emma Walsh for being interviewed for 5thingstodotoday

We interview Made in Chelsea's Emma Walsh

What advice would you give to a school pupil that wants to be famous and on the television?

Really think about your end goal and why you want to do it. Get some good experience and credits behind you then find yourself an amazing manager/agent.

What is the hardest thing about being on a reality television show? 

The anxiety for sure! Never knowing whats about to happen.

How do you keep healthy? What do you like to eat? Do you believe in diets? 

I am very into my fitness and healthy living. I train with a pt 2/3 times a week. I don’t believe in diets necessarily but living a healthy lifestyle always. I avoid sugar and I am highly intolerant to gluten and cream so that helps. I am obsessed with Matcha Almond Lattes!

What is the most frustrating thing about filming? 

Being a reality tv show the schedule is never fixed. So it does get difficult to plan your week.

We interview Made in Chelsea's Emma Walsh

How often are you asked by brands for you to get involved? 

At least twice or three times a week.

Do you make a conscious effort to read about yourself in the press? 

Yea articles that come out after an episode or event but I don’t read the comments anymore.

We interview Made in Chelsea's Emma Walsh

If you want to have a great day then what 5 things do you like to do?

  1. I would start my day off with my Match Almond Latte of course.
  2. Do some sort of training session or yoga class.
  3. Meet my bestie for lunch and a laugh
  4. Have a massage or manicure
  5. Dinner, glass of red wine and a movie… bosh!

What is next? Do you have any specific plans for the future? 

I have a few exciting things in the pipeline but first home to Cape Town for Christmas with the family.

We interview Made in Chelsea's Emma Walsh