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October 24

5 Best Things to Do in Akihabara #Japan #Travel #Tokyo

There are some very massive, multistory figure shops in the center of Akiharaba. It’s very hard to miss some of these shops because they are massive and just right outside the train station. There is a very good chance that you will find your favorite anime character. Some shops, you can literally go through 5 […]

August 18

Top 5 things to do in Tokyo #Travel #Tokyo

December 03

We interview Made in Chelsea’s Emma Walsh

Thank you to Emma Walsh for being interviewed for 5thingstodotoday What advice would you give to a school pupil that wants to be famous and on the television? Really think about your end goal and why you want to do it. Get some good experience and credits behind you then find yourself an amazing manager/agent. […]

September 16

If you happen to be in Tokyo then visit the high tech stationary shop Itoya in Ginza 

We were lucky to be in Tokyo over the summer and were so impressed with this multi floored stationary shop. Remove all images of UK stationary stores from your mind. Itoya wins with its beautiful shop displays and presentations. Every one of the twelve floors impressed us. Paper as you have never seen it before!

July 16

Cross at Tokyo’s busiest pedestrian crossing

he sprawling scramble intersection just outside Shibuya Station is an embodiment of Tokyo itself: action in all directions. Three huge television screens mounted on the buildings facing the intersection flash all day, while the rest of the area is covered with lights, advertisements, and more lights. And that’s just when you’re looking up. Look down, […]

July 16

Go on the Night Out Tokyo Tour with Backstreet Guides

Backstreet Guides offer a wide range of walking tours around Tokyo. We opted for the Night Out Tokyo tour which was excellent and fantastic value for money. Here is the itineracy for this tour. Visit the Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine Takeshita street in Harajuku A great Yakitori dinner Worlds busiest pedestrian crossing, the infamous Shibuya […]

July 16

Dine at Nadaman on level 29 of the Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

On our first night staying at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo we dined at Nadaman. Nadaman is a well know Japanese restaurant group that has served Kaiseki cuisine (a traditional multi-course dinner) to world leaders and discerning diners in Japan since 1830. Nadaman offers authentic Japanese cuisine skilfully prepared by a group of seasoned Japanese […]

July 15

Take the elevator to the first observation deck of Tokyo Tower at night

Tokyo tower is 13 m taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The main observation deck is 145 m high and at night the view  of Tokyo looks stunning. The tower offers 360 degree views of the city.  We went to the the Tower as part of the night out Tokyo  tour organised by Backstreet […]

July 14

Visit Rikugien gardens, Tokyo

Rikugien (六義園) is often considered Tokyo’s most beautiful Japanese landscape garden alongside Koishikawa Korakuen. Built around 1700 for the 5th Tokugawa Shogun, Rikugien literally means “six poems garden” and reproduces in miniature 88 scenes from famous poems. The garden is a good example of an Edo Period strolling garden and features a large central pond […]

July 13

Dine at Sense Cantonese restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo

Today we had lunch Sense restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo. Again the service was impeccable with each course of our set menu explained in fine detail.  Situated on our 37th floor, Sense offers a sensational setting in which to enjoy authentic and contemporary Cantonese cuisine featuring the finest flavours and from which […]

July 13

Swim on the 29th floor of the Shangri-La hotel Tokyo 

if you want a swim with a magnificent views then the pool at the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo is hard to beat. At night then the view is magical overlooking the lights of the city. The water is warm and at the times we swam quiet. There is also a jacuzzi area in the male and […]

July 12

See the giant Pandas at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

      Ueno Zoo is only a few stops away from Tokyo  mainline station on the JR line. The entrance fee for the whole zoo is 600 yen per adult which we thought was ridiculously cheap. Ri Ri and Shin Shin are close to the main entrance allowing you to just see the giant pandas […]

July 12

Have breakfast at Piacere at the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo with the best view of the city

No matter where you are staying in Tokyo make sure that you have breakfast at Piacere at the Shangri-La Hotel Piacere is Tokyo’s signature Italian restaurant at lunchtimes and in the evenings but in the morning it serves a fine boutique breakfast. This breakfast on the 28th floor of the Shangri-La hotel is available to […]

July 12

5 things to do in your room at the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo today

This week we are in Tokyo staying on the 35th floor of the Shangri- La Hotel in Tokyo. The hotel is a couple of minutes walk from Tokyo mainline station. 1. Enjoy your welcome gifts of fruit, chocolates and delicate rice cakes all presented beautifully when you arrive in your room. The chocolates and other […]

June 24

Have a hybrid summer ice cream at YO Sushi

Apple pie and ice-cream is one of life’s greatest dessert parings so, as you only live once, YO! Sushi has combined them both in an East meets West twist to create the Japple Pie. Enjoy hot apple and vanilla gyozas with black sesame ice cream, all held in a large crisp waffle cone, complete with […]

April 30

Be one of the first to book Japan’s First Glamping Resort to Open Near Mt. Fuji in October 2015

Hoshino Resorts have announced they will open Japan’s first luxury camping resort, Hoshinoya Fuji, on 30 October 2015. The resort will be built amidst the nature surrounding Mt. Fuji, where Lake Kawaguchi-ko, one of the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji, spreads under its gaze. The resort’s concept is “Glamping on a hill”. “Glamping” is a […]

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