Eat at The Giggling Squid, Esher | Thai Restaurant – Thai Tapas


The Giggling Squid Thai restaurant chain has made its mark on the busy and bustling Esher High Street.

Its rustic charm décor creates a warm and welcoming ambience without feeling hemmed in. The staff are just as welcoming, they are polite friendly and attentive, but in a subtle none imperious manner.

You immediately feel relaxed by the comfortable surroundings and delicate food smells wafting across the large but well organised seating areas. The covers are well planned to accommodate for couples, families, smaller and larger groups.

We arrived just before 7 p.m. with only a few tables taken, some 20 minutes later the place was bubbling with people, 40 minutes later it was full. Due to its clever interior design much of the customer chattering was absorbed making it possible to talk without raising your voice.

It was great joy to sit at an immaculate table covered with purple napkins, very clean cutlery, sparkling glasses and best of all real cotton napkins.

The staff work quietly and quickly with coordinated team work and politeness. They brought a plentiful supply of water and were always on hand for the next glass of wine.

The menu is extensive but easy to get around, choosing was easy as we nibbled on the complimentary prawn crackers and dip. The crackers were large, not soggy and very tasty.

Starter; Hand cut pork strips grilled on skewers, salt and pepper squid, Thai fish cakes, vegetable spring rolls. We opted for a sharing platter to get a variety of tastes, we were not disappointed. The food is light, tasty and very satisfying.

Main Course 1; Red Curry Squid. Each baby squid is hand filled with minced chicken cooked in a thick, velvety red curry. Accompanied by jasmine rice and a share of Glorious Morning a quick wok fry ‘ong choi’ (leafy green) with fresh and bashed red chilli, garlic and oyster sauce, plenty for 2.

Main Course 2; Sizzle on the Griddle Sesame oil plays an important role in this dish. Mixed seafood served on a griddle hot plate – it bursts out in an appetising smell.

Sweet; Caramelised Mango Cake Warm and buttery, served with vanilla ice cream.

Followed by coffee, a good selection and in keeping with the consistency of the restaurants standards, not just an afterthought.

Altogether a great experience, the food was tasty, well presented and at the right temperature.

Toilets; The ladies have x 3 separate cubicles they are accessed via one flight of stairs. Each with its own wash basin, dryer and vanity mirror.  The gents is one room (quite small) with two urinals and a normal toilet, vanity mirror wash basins and hand dryer. Both toilets had powerful quality hand dryers. The toilets were clean and well presented.

Overall marks 10/10.

Note: This is a welcome addition to Esher High Street, a great alternative to what is on offer currently, in no way does that detract from the many quality restaurants available. The Giggling Squid is a chain of restaurants that have managed to provide that personal dining experience which would rival many more expensive local and London based restaurants. I would not hesitate to entertain family members, friends or business colleagues at this venue.