Tuesday 27th October 2015 | 5thingstodotoday

Buy a ‘BOTTLE’ of wine from Majestic Wine. The company have changed their model and from today you no longer have to buy a minimum of six bottles at a time. I wonder whether other warehouse wine shops will follow?

Did you know that next week is sausage week? Google ‘sausage week’ and see what sausage related things are happening around you. We will dedicate a post here about sausage week soon!

Watch an alternative theme tune to Fifty Shades of Grey by The Noise next door. The boys are on your at the moment. Make sure that you catch them.

Go for a mile run and include a few segments of HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a good way to delude your body that you have been on a longer run. HIIT three times a week is apparently supposed to be good for you. In my mile run today I ran as hard as I could for two twenty second segments. There are plenty of other techniques like this in Michel Mosley’s book ‘fast exercise’.

Download sheet music from musicnotes.com. This is an excellent site where you can print sheet music straight from your computer. It would seem the days have gone when you had to go to an actual music  shop. Of course they still exist and can’t be replaced at all by this electronic version. For convenience and for the ‘odd piece’ it is fine however. Music notes have various apps to read the music from your iPad etc. I really like the transpose feature where you can make that hard to read music that little bit easier. I would prefer a large kindle however to read music from. Does this exist?