5 Things to Know About Wall Street Wednesdays at The 411 London

Explore the unique and dynamic ‘Wall Street Wednesdays’ at The 411 London, where you can experience an evening of market-driven drink pricing, new cocktail adventures, and a lively atmosphere starting at 5pm.


📍The 4:11, Angel In this bar, the drinks menu becomes a real live stock market! You’ll watch prices increase/decrease depending on their popularity 😲 #stockmarketbar #newbarsinlondon #the411 #immersivebars #wallstreetbar #wallstreetwednesdays #incipiogroup

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  1. Unique Concept: Every Wednesday, The 411 turns into a vibrant stock market scene for the evening, offering an immersive and dynamic experience.
  2. Interactive Drinks Menu: The drinks menu becomes a live stock market. Prices of drinks fluctuate in real-time based on demand, making it a thrilling game of supply and demand.
  3. Experience the Market: This event allows you to ‘ride the market’, watching as drink prices rise and fall, simulating the excitement of a real stock market.
  4. Try Something New: The fluctuating prices encourage guests to explore different cocktails and drinks, possibly trying something they’ve never had before.
  5. Evening Schedule: Wall Street Wednesdays begin at 5pm, offering a full evening of entertainment and unique experiences in North London​​.