August 15


5 things about Yogle, Kids Yoga classes, Wimbledon

Nurturing Young Minds: Yogle’s Journey from California to Mindful Kids Yoga in 2017. Equipping children with emotional tools, resilience, and focus through mindfulness, fostering a brighter future.


Yogle’s conception happened many years ago in California where I got my Kids Yoga Teacher Training certificate in 2017. My core belief is that mindfulness is so important for kids because it equips them with tools to self-regulate their emotions/feelings and deal with academic anxiety and stress. It also cultivates focus and concentration while making them strong and resilient.


I launched Yogle Kids in London in the spring of 2022 and started teaching in the Raynes Park Library Hall. Since then, I’ve taught 50+ kids from 2 years to 9 years old in studios/schools/camps across locations guiding the little ones through their first steps into yoga and mindfulness.


Kids yoga classes at Yogle have animal-inspired themes and stories and offer a safe environment for kids to learn and grow through yoga asanas, conscious breathing and mindful games.


Yogle Kids also does Family Yoga sessions where the parents bond with their children through yoga, music and games.


Yogle is now launching Yoga Maths Cards that combine Maths and Yoga because we believe that yoga and mindfulness are equally as important as learning other core subjects. These unique cards will help young children learn the fundamentals of both Maths and Yoga while keeping the well-being of children at the core.