July 26


Sex, Lies and Spies: Reimagining the Profumo Affair through Art, Brick Lane, London

  1. Theme of the Exhibition: The art exhibition titled ‘Sex, Lies and Spies’ revolves around the Profumo Affair, which was a major political scandal in Britain during the 1960s. The photographer Joe Leslie has reimagined the events and characters involved in the affair through a thought-provoking visual journey.
  2. Commemorating the Profumo Affair: The exhibition is being held to mark the 60th anniversary of the Profumo Affair, which was a significant moment in British political and cultural history. It was a scandal that resulted in the downfall of government minister John Profumo and had a lasting impact on the British society of that time.
  3. Main Characters and Subjects: The exhibition primarily focuses on the main characters of the Profumo Affair, including government minister John Profumo, models Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, socialite Stephen Ward, Russian spy Yevgeny Ivanov, notorious slum landlord Peter Rachman, jazz promoter Johnny Edgecombe, and jazz singer Lucky Gordon. Of these, Christine Keeler is the main subject and the central figure of the artwork.
  4. Unique Artistic Approach: Photographer Joe Leslie has dedicated over a year to researching and curating the artwork for the exhibition. He has used a creative and imaginative framework, incorporating significant locations related to the Profumo Affair, real-life sensational newspaper headlines, and artistic caricatures of the main characters to tell the story.
  5. Highlighting Christine Keeler’s Story: The artist aims not only to depict the two-year-long affair but also to shed light on the perspective of Christine Keeler. He sees her as a victim of abuse during the scandal, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues like domestic and mental abuse through his art. Leslie hopes to create a visual record of Keeler’s life and present reinvented iconic images to resonate with newer generations.

The exhibition ‘Sex, Lies and Spies’ promises to be an insightful and engaging portrayal of a historical event that had far-reaching consequences, while also drawing attention to the personal struggles faced by one of its key figures, Christine Keeler.

216 Brick Lane



E1 6SA

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