Sauce by The Langham: Forest to Fork cooking classes

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  1. Forest to Fork Cooking Classes: The Langham’s cookery school, Sauce by The Langham, is introducing exciting new Forest to Fork cooking classes. These classes focus on wild food and game, allowing guests to explore the art of preparing meats such as venison, pheasant, duck, rabbit, or wood pigeon. The emphasis is on using Britain’s finest wild ingredients and seasonal vegetables to create a delectable three-course meal.
  2. Launch Date and Duration: The Forest to Fork cooking classes are set to launch on 27th September and will run throughout the game season. This autumnal offering provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn the skills and techniques required for handling and cooking game meats, as well as incorporating wild ingredients into their culinary repertoire.
  3. Taught by Executive Chef Berwyn Davies: The classes will be led by The Langham’s Executive Chef, Berwyn Davies. With an exceptional culinary background in both British and French cuisine, Berwyn’s passion for seasonal cooking, wild food, and game will serve as a guiding force in these classes. His expertise and experience ensure participants receive top-notch instruction and insights into the world of wild cooking.
  4. Inclusions and Experience: The Forest to Fork cooking classes are priced at £295 per person and are scheduled from 9.45 am to 4 pm. Participants will receive a warm welcome with tea and coffee upon arrival, along with a recipe pack from the day’s session. Additionally, they will be provided with a Sauce by The Langham apron, cloth, and tote bag to take home as souvenirs. The classes culminate with a delightful dining experience in the Conservatory or Pantry dining room, where attendees can relish their own creations in the form of a three-course meal, complemented by a glass of wine.
  5. Celebration of Wild Food and Seasonal Ingredients: The Forest to Fork series aims to celebrate the richness of wild food and the bounty of seasonal ingredients available. Participants will not only gain practical skills but also develop an appreciation for sustainable and locally sourced produce. By the end of the classes, guests can expect to have expanded their culinary knowledge and feel more confident in experimenting with game and wild ingredients in their own cooking endeavors.