Hobbledown Hullabaloo: A Marvellous Summer Extravaganza at Hobbledown Heath, Hounslow

Are you ready for a summer of boundless wonder and adventure? Look no further than Hobbledown Heath, the fantastical adventure park, zoo, and indoor play area in West London TW14 0Hh. Get ready to unleash your imagination and embark on a journey like never before with Hobbledown Hullabaloo! This festival of fabulous fun will captivate the hearts and minds of children and families from 24th July to 3rd September. Let’s dive into the five spectacular themes of this summer’s Hobbledown Hullabaloo!

1. Carnival of Colours Week:
From 24th to 30th July and 14th to 20th August, immerse yourself in a colour-splattering extravaganza during Hobbledown Heath’s ‘Colourful Creations Week.’ Witness mesmerising meerkat talks, dance in paint, and let your creativity flow at the creation station. This week guarantees a fun-filled and unforgettable journey into a world of magical experiences for the entire family.

2. Water Wowza Week:
Prepare to make a splash like never before during ‘Water Wowza Week’ on 31st July to 6th August and 21st to 27th August. Enjoy exciting outdoor adventures for the whole family, including captivating bird shows at the falconry, Einstein’s experiments, and epic water battles at Wilderness Wood. Unleash your inner water warrior and experience the joy of getting wet!

3. Bubble & Book Week:
From 7th to 13th August and 28th August to 3rd September, experience the magic of books and the enchantment of bubbles during ‘Bubble & Book Week.’ Enjoy captivating storytime sessions at the Thinkery Theatre, dance in a bubble disco, and meet the book’s author, E.B. Davies, for a special book signing on select dates. This literary adventure is perfect for book lovers of all ages.

4. Immerse in Nature:
Hobbledown Hullabaloo isn’t just about themed weeks; it’s also an invitation to embrace the great outdoors and get messy and creative. With interactive animal encounters, imaginative play areas, and a safe environment for families, Hobbledown Heath offers a unique blend of outdoor adventures and entertainment that fosters cherished memories for all visitors.

5. The Escapade Group:
Behind the enchanting world of Hobbledown Heath is The Escapade Group, a leading provider of thrilling and immersive experiences, including Hobbledown Epsom and Watermouth Castle. Their mission is to deliver unparalleled excitement and joy to children and families through adventure experiences that challenge, entertain, and inspire. With a calendar full of special events and seasonal festivities, The Escapade Group ensures year-round excitement and entertainment for all.

Hobbledown Hullabaloo at Hobbledown Heath TW14 is the ultimate summer destination for families seeking an extraordinary adventure. With six weeks of fantastic fun and five themed weeks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss the chance to unleash your imagination and create cherished memories this summer. Book your tickets now at hobbledown.com/hounslow.