5 Exciting Things to Expect at the World’s First Indoor Hybrid Football Arena, Addlestone, Backed by Women’s International Stars

Get ready for an unprecedented experience in the world of football as the highly anticipated KickX, the world’s first indoor hybrid football arena, is set to open its doors in Addlestone, Surrey on Saturday, 22nd July. This groundbreaking venue is backed by renowned women’s international stars, including Millie Bright, Rachel Daly, and Katie Chapman. Offering innovative micro-sided football formats and cutting-edge technology, KickX aims to revolutionize the way we play and enjoy the beautiful game. Here are five exciting things to expect at this exceptional football arena:

  1. Micro-Sided Football Formats: KickX introduces five exhilarating hybrid football games that combine elements from various sports, offering a unique and thrilling experience. These formats include Padbol, a fusion of football, squash, and tennis; Jorkyball, a blend of roller hockey, squash, and football; Teqball, a mix of football and table tennis; and Panna, where players showcase their skills through fast footwork and flicks and tricks. These micro-sided games promote inclusivity, ensuring that players of all ages and abilities can participate and have a fantastic time.
  2. Immersive Virtual Reality Technology: KickX takes football to the next level with its state-of-the-art virtual reality technology. Utilizing the same immersive system employed by treble winners Manchester City, players can step into the shoes of their favorite football stars and experience the thrill of scoring the winning goal at iconic stadiums like Wembley. This cutting-edge technology enhances the training and development of players, providing instant feedback and analysis of their technique in an immersive environment.
  3. Backing from Women’s International Stars: Millie Bright, Rachel Daly, and Katie Chapman, all accomplished women’s international football players, have become shareholders and ambassadors of KickX. Their support emphasizes the arena’s commitment to inclusivity and inspiring the next generation of footballers, irrespective of gender. With their endorsement, KickX aims to empower young girls and boys, fostering a love for the game and encouraging a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  4. Social and Friendly Atmosphere: KickX fosters a social and friendly atmosphere where players can compete with friends and enjoy the game in a safe and inclusive environment. The micro-sided formats and accessible nature of the games allow individuals, small groups, or larger teams to engage in exciting matches without the need for a full-size pitch or extensive equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, KickX offers a welcoming space for everyone to develop their skills and have fun.
  5. Tackling the Nation’s Health Crisis: KickX co-founder Vik Sharma recognizes the potential of hybrid football in combating the UK’s physical health crisis. With alarming statistics indicating a lack of physical activity among adults and the importance of exercise for mental health, KickX aims to increase participation in the world’s most popular sport. By offering innovative and engaging formats, KickX encourages individuals of all ages and abilities to get moving, promoting a healthier lifestyle and addressing the issue of inactivity.

Conclusion: KickX is set to make history as the world’s first indoor hybrid football arena, offering an array of exciting micro-sided football formats and immersive virtual reality experiences. With the support of esteemed women’s international stars, KickX provides a platform for inclusivity, skill development, and enjoyment of the beautiful game. As the arena opens its doors, football enthusiasts of all ages and abilities can look forward to a new era of playing different styles of football in a safe, friendly, and accessible environment. KickX is poised to inspire a generation and transform the way we perceive and engage with football.

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