July 06


Change Your World with Supercolor – Less Carbon, More Colour

  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Geomag’s Supercolor range is made entirely from 100% recycled plastic, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. By using recycled materials, Geomag reduces its reliance on new resources and helps minimize environmental impact.
  2. Promotes STEM Skills: The Supercolor sets not only provide endless creative possibilities but also offer valuable learning opportunities. Children can explore and learn about different 2D and 3D shapes while constructing vibrant models using magnetic rods and colorful panels. These sets help develop STEM skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and critical thinking.
  3. Encourages Social Interaction: Building structures and shapes with the Supercolor sets creates an excellent opportunity for children to engage in social interaction. By working together, they can develop their communication and collaboration skills. Shared evaluation and problem-solving foster teamwork and create a fun and interactive learning environment.
  4. Expandable and Compatible: Each Geomag Supercolor set is compatible with other sets, allowing children to expand their construction possibilities and push the boundaries of their creativity. They can mix and match different sets to create even more impressive and complex structures, providing endless hours of educational and imaginative play.
  5. Long-lasting and Versatile: Geomag’s Supercolor sets are designed to grow with your children. With their durable construction and high-quality materials, these sets provide long-lasting play value. As children advance in their skills and creativity, the Supercolor sets continue to challenge and engage them, ensuring a sustained educational and entertaining experience.

In summary, Geomag’s Supercolor range combines sustainability, creativity, and educational value. With its use of recycled materials, focus on STEM skills, encouragement of social interaction, compatibility with other sets, and long-lasting durability, Supercolor sets offer children a fun and eco-friendly way to learn, create, and change the world through colorful and sustainable play.

The Geomag Supercolor 60 Piece Set (384) costs £30 from Coolshop

The Geomag Supercolor 78 Piece Set (379) costs £34 from Amazon