Quinny Revisits an Old Favourite with “Rumours” – Live Session

Melbourne-based indie rocker Quinny is back with a delightful surprise for fans of Brit-Era Indie. His latest single, “Rumours – Live Session,” recorded at Old Hairdressers in Glasgow, captures the essence of Quinny’s talents as an endlessly relatable singer-songwriter. Released on June 1st, 2023, this track brings together rapid guitar stabs, energetic drum fills, and emotionally raw lyrics that touch on pop-punk sensibilitie

Here are five things to know about Quinny and his remarkable musical career:

  1. Quinny’s Impressive Feats:
    “Rumours” – Live Session is just the latest addition to Quinny’s long-standing musical career, which has been filled with impressive achievements. This Paisley-born musician has toured the USA, demonstrating his global appeal. In 2019, Quinny enlisted the help of British acting legend Richard Wilson for his holiday music video “Christmas Gear.” Additionally, Quinny is one half of the comedy rap project Jimmy Lit, whose first album is set to release on July 25th of this year.
  2. Dedication to Community:
    Beyond his musical endeavors, Quinny has made a significant impact in his communities. Starting in Renfrewshire, he conducted music groups with adults with disabilities. He later organized a youth music night in his hometown, which became a hub for emerging talent. Notable attendees included Lewis Capaldi and Yungblud’s guitarist, and it’s where the group Vegan Leather formed. Quinny’s commitment to fostering local talent and creating inclusive spaces is truly inspiring.
  3. Influential Work at Camden’s Roundhouse:
    During his time at Camden’s Roundhouse, Quinny played a vital role in providing artistic and developmental opportunities for rising stars. He collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Little Simz, Freya Ridings, and Skinny Pelembe, helping them hone their craft and reach new heights. Quinny also engaged in creative projects for young people alongside notable names like Jamie Cullum, Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling), Trevor Horn, John Parish, and Jane Weaver.
  4. Upcoming EP ‘Settlers’:
    “Rumours” arrives as a precursor to Quinny’s highly anticipated EP titled ‘Settlers,’ scheduled for release later this year. With his distinctive musical style and ability to evoke emotions, fans can look forward to a collection of songs that continue to showcase Quinny’s songwriting prowess.
  5. Accessible Across All Platforms:
    For those eager to immerse themselves in the energetic sounds of “Rumours” – Live Session, the single is readily available across all platforms. Whether you prefer streaming services or digital downloads, Quinny ensures that his music is easily accessible to his growing fanbase.

“Rumours” – Live Session is a testament to Quinny’s talent and his ability to craft music that resonates with audiences. From his noteworthy collaborations and community engagement to his forthcoming EP, Quinny’s contributions to the indie rock scene continue to leave a lasting impact. Be sure to check out “Rumours” – Live Session and stay tuned for the release of ‘Settlers’ as Quinny’s musical journey unfolds with boundless creativity and relatable storytelling.