The Enigmatic Tours of Sandra Shevey: Unveiling Alfred Hitchcock’s World and Lennon’s Legacy

  1. Sandra Shevey is an experienced tour guide who specializes in conducting tours related to Alfred Hitchcock and John Lennon. She has been conducting these tours since 1999 and continues to do so at the age of 79.
  2. The Hitchcock tour takes participants to locations featured in Hitchcock’s films such as “Frenzy,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1972), and “The Paradine Case.” The tour lasts for approximately 3 hours and includes sound bites from Shevey’s last one-on-one interview with the director.
  3. In addition to the physical tours, Sandra Shevey also offers webinars for those interested in learning more about Alfred Hitchcock. This provides an opportunity for people who cannot attend the physical tours to still engage with the material.
  4. Shevey’s connection to John Lennon stems from being the only person to conduct a 12-hour interview with the ex-Beatle. As a tribute to Lennon, she started the “The Other Side of Lennon” London Tour, based on her biography of the same name. The tour includes sound bites from the interview and excerpts from the book, which features interviews with various people associated with John Lennon.
  5. If you book either the Hitchcock or Lennon tour, you can avail a discount on Sandra Shevey’s book related to the respective tour. The cost of the tours is 100 pounds, excluding fares, tips, and drinks. Both tours run daily for 3 hours, starting at 11 am. The Hitchcock tour covers locations in Hollywood, while the Lennon tour takes place in London. The NYC Hitchcock tour is available by appointment.

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