Fielding Edlow: The Hilariously Dark and Unfiltered Voice of Comedy

Fielding Edlow is a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy. With her serious comedic talent and knack for sardonic zingers, she has captivated audiences and critics alike. From her award-winning web series, Bitter Homes and Gardens, to her solo live show Gaslighting is My Love Language, Edlow fearlessly explores the depths of her personal experiences, delivering dark humor and a sharp tongue that leaves audiences both laughing and introspecting. Let’s dive into the praise and accomplishments that make Fielding Edlow a comedic genius.

  1. Unforgettable Performances: Fielding Edlow’s performances have left a lasting impression on audiences. Known for her captivating portrayal of a soul in crisis, she brings a unique blend of vulnerability and sharp wit to her characters. Whether it’s her solo show Gaslighting is My Love Language or her roles in Bitter Homes and Gardens, Edlow’s ability to navigate the complexities of human relationships with comedic brilliance is truly remarkable.
  2. Bitter Homes and Gardens: Turning Antagonism into Comedy Gold: As the creator of the award-winning dark comedy web series Bitter Homes and Gardens, Edlow teamed up with her (then) husband Larry Clarke to lay bare the intricacies of their exceptionally fractious relationship. The show quickly achieved cult status, earning the Best Comedy title at the New York City Short Film Festival. Edlow and Clarke’s endearingly antagonistic dynamic reminded viewers of legendary TV couples like Al and Peg Bundy, leaving them laughing and eagerly anticipating each episode.
  3. Gaslighting is My Love Language: Unraveling the Dark Truths: In her new solo live show, Gaslighting is My Love Language, Fielding Edlow fearlessly delves into her time spent in a marital sinkhole. With dark humor and a sharp tongue, she reveals the toxic and unhealthy aspects of her 13-year marriage, exposing the insidious nature of gaslighting. Edlow’s introspective journey, fueled by her separation and subsequent divorce, provides a fresh perspective on her past, allowing audiences to reflect on their own relationships.
  4. Accolades and Recognition: Edlow’s talent has not gone unnoticed. She has received praise from reputable sources such as Pure Wow, the Huffington Post, and Variety. The New York City Fringe Festival awarded her show Coke-Free J.A.P with the prestigious “Best of Fringe” title, showcasing her ability to captivate audiences with her storytelling and comedic prowess. Whether it’s her one-acts or her full-length play ICU, Edlow’s work consistently receives rave reviews and nominations for prestigious awards.
  5. Versatile Creative Endeavors: Beyond her success in comedy, Fielding Edlow’s talents extend to various creative mediums. Her half-hour special, Can’t Say Slut, is now streaming on Amazon Prime, allowing a wider audience to experience her unique brand of humor. She has lent her voice to the character Roxie on the hit show BoJack Horseman and continues to host her own popular monthly show, Eat Pray F*ck, at the Hollywood Improv. Edlow’s versatility as a writer, actor, and stand-up comedian solidifies her status as one of the funniest women in Los Angeles.

Fielding Edlow’s comedic genius shines through her fearless exploration of personal experiences, dark humor, and sharp wit. Whether it’s her award-winning web series, her solo live show, or her various creative endeavors, Edlow’s talent and ability to captivate audiences are undeniable. With her unfiltered approach to comedy, she challenges societal norms and provokes introspection. Fielding Edlow is a comedic powerhouse, deserving of the accolades


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