4. Book to see the award Nominated Supernova @ the Clapham Omnibus (25 APR – 13 MAY 2023)

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Supernova tells the story of Tess and Harry who bond over sci-fi a shared love of science sci-fi and fall in love. Supernova delicately, and with great humour, explores the universal theme of what it means to meet someone perfect for us, and through the darkness of depression, morph ourselves into someone who is no longer perfect for them.

  1. Tess and Harry share an unhealthy obsession with space, which is a common interest that brings them together.
  2. Tess is struggling with depression, which begins to impact her relationship with Harry, causing her to sabotage it.
  3. Harry tries his best to be supportive of Tess, but it’s not always easy as she battles her inner demons.
  4. The play explores the universal theme of finding someone perfect for us, but how mental health struggles can morph us into someone who is no longer perfect for them.
  5. Despite the darkness of depression, Supernova also offers a message of hope and the potential for recovery and making peace with our inner struggles.