5 things about the GCSE Physics revision site: Specification Focus Questions – AQA GCSE Physics revision

AQA GCSE Physics Revision Questions


Every topic of the AQA GCSE Physics and Combined Science (Physics) specification has been broken down into questions. This means that if you understand the answers to each question then this is the bottom line of what you need to know. 


Audio tests have been recorded to test you on the equations needed for the course. Grab some paper and a pen and see how well you do. Repeatedly listening to these recordings will really help you to get to grips with the equations. 


Collections have been made of all the required practicals needed for AQA GCSE Physics and AQA Combined Science (Physics). The videos are recorded by the best of Physics and Science Youtubers. 


Every Tuesday evening three past paper questions are walked through at the minute for AQA GCSE Combined Science (Physics).  Past Paper Tuesdays,


Online tutoring is also available for GCSE and A-level Physics. There is also a WhatsApp service available to help students GCSE physics from their phones. 

Specification Focus Questions

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