5 things to do at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Arts Website

One: Art at the core of the hotel’s architecture and design

The flying fish, or exocoetidae, Frank Gehry’s Peix sculpture in front of the hotel, reflects the exoskeleton of the 44-floor Hotel Arts built for the Olympics in Barcelona 30 years ago. I love it most during the sunset, with little scales sparkling in the sun.

Two: Food at Enoteca Paco Pérez

Paco’s passion for the Costa Brava region is reflected in combining the tastes from the sea, the garden and the mountains. This season, Paco has introduced a special collection with many earthy flavours. Steeped in the spirit of gastronomic innovation and passion for exceptional produce, the three new menus – seasonal, rice-centric and truffle-based – reflect the breadth of Chef Paco Pérez’s artistic
imagination and culinary talent.

Three: Cocktails at P41.

Diego Baud, the award-winning mixologist, has come up with a new drink for the winter season. His “Chocolate Winter Sweater” aims to give the season a much-needed boost.

Four: A new pop-up gallery in collaboration with the Madrid gallery We Collect

The gallery aims to spotlight Europe’s emerging artists while immersing guests in local art and culture.

Five: Hidden coffee at the Bites restaurant – simply the best in Barcelona.