Wandsworth based Em Stroud ‘Corporate Clown Coach’ offers 5 key lessons for International Happiness Day

To mark International Day of Happiness (20 March 2022), Wandsworth’s very own ‘Corporate Clown Coach’ is asking people to embrace their creativity and unmask serious truths with laughter to inspire happier and better lives for themselves, their family, friends and colleagues.

Em Stroud

Em Stroud, 43, who is a performer and speaker classically trained in clowning, coaches a roster of CEOs of SME and global businesses in the capital, employing pioneering techniques that force leaders to ‘take fun seriously’ at a time when ‘it’s never been more important to find joy.’

Following two years of pandemic uncertainty, job losses and the ‘great resignation wave’, Em hopes the timing of her book will encourage people of all ranks and stages of their career to make changes that can provide a route towards sustainable approaches to happiness, business leadership and wellbeing.

5 critical steps to a happier life

Em’s new book, Lessons from a Clown, documents her own journey to discover her inner clown alter ego, and outlines teachings and insights acquired from 20 years of coaching, workshops and public speaking.

The book offers five lessons, which, taken together, have the potential to change lives for the better, filling them with laughter, through clowning practices that are often misunderstood. They are:

  1. Be Seen

Em says: “In order to be seen by others and ourselves we must first be vulnerable and find joy in that process. It can be daunting however it really is the starting point. I help people I work with to unmask truths and get to the core of your own purpose and truth – that is then recognised by others.”

  1. Be Kind

Em says: “Kindness is a limitless currency sometimes lacking in the commercial world but Lessons from a Clown helps connect you with kindness as a human being – to self and others. Its impact is far reaching and even small daily acts can be a bridge to happiness and make you feel good about yourself too.”

  1. Be Present

Em says: “Easier said than done in a world full of distractions but my book highlights how the physicality of the clown can support your mind and body to truly live in the moment, appreciate the situation and create space to enjoy even the little things.”

  1. Be Accepting

Em says: “Acceptance is an awareness that requires daily practice and Lessons from a Clown will provide methods to observe emotions and make this part of your happiness toolkit.”

  1. Be Playful

Em says: “We’ve heard the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ like we somehow need to ‘earn’ enjoyment, but I’m here to tell you that it is possible to live each day with a sense of joy that you can own simply by showing up for yourself and building confidence and creativity using clowning techniques.”

Em is keen to stress that the recent challenges to workplaces in the last two years have created a watershed moment where people can feel empowered to bring joy back into their lives without compromise. She says: “Regardless of your job title or how you are feeling about your life right now, there is always room to laugh everyday and allow more joy into your life. Clowning is an art that is often misunderstood; but, in Lessons from a Clown readers will learn how applying this craft really can affect their lives at home and at work.”

Lessons from a Clown draws on the author’s life experiences as a performer, business owner, speaker, podcaster, emcee and coach. Readers will learn how all of these roles enabled her to develop as a woman who is now living her best life, one filled with laughter. The book is co-authored by one of Em’s clown alter egos, Orange. Together, they explain how getting in touch with this part of herself helped Em to reconnect to who she really is, embrace her own vulnerabilities and stop the negative talk that limited her. It also includes practical tips and exercises.

Bestselling author Martin Lindstrom says “let Em Stroud take you on a truly remarkable journey with her book Lessons from a Clown. It is a must read and guaranteed laugh.” 

Lessons from a Clown is available to purchase in paperback from Amazon