5 reasons to go to the theatre by critically acclaimed dancer, singer and actress Charlotte Gooch

We are very grateful to Charlotte for taking time out of her busy rehearsal schedule for the touring production of Singin’ in the Rain to share her 5 things.


A chance to leave your troubles at the door and lose yourself in someone else’s story for a couple of hours. Whether you’re watching the gripping drama of a play or tapping your toes along to a much loved musical, a trip to the theatre gives you a chance to switch off and immerse yourself in a different world for a while.

Support the Arts

The arts were one of the worst hit industries during the pandemic. Commercial and local theatre suffered huge losses and received very little funding. As theatre now comes back to life and shows start to tour again it is more important than ever to support your local theatre so that we don’t see any more have to close their doors permanently.


A trip to the theatre can be a great night (or afternoon!) out.  A perfect way to get together with friends and family, maybe go for a pre or post-theatre meal, enjoy a drink at the bar and then have the shared experience of a show with much to discuss and analyse after!

Broaden your horizons

Theatre is all about storytelling and can be highly educational. Experience new stories and cultures that you may not have known about before, for me live theatre beats the TV every time for learning something new; there is no option to switch off!


For me as a child a trip to my local theatre (The New Victoria Woking!) was so exciting. I was mesmerised by how it all came together and as I sat in my seat waiting for the show to begin all I wanted to know was what was going on behind the curtain to make the show start. Some of my greatest inspirations and influences came from those theatre trips in my early years. I think it is so important to introduce children to the arts, whether they are budding performers or not, it ignites the imagination and could just inspire a new generation of writers, technicians, directors or maybe even a little dancer who might just end up back at that local theatre one day playing the  lead role in the musical.

Singin’ in the Rain Tour Dates

Find more about Charlotte’s work here.

Singin’ in the Rain will be at the New Victoria Theatre Woking between Mon 28 Mar – Sat 2 Apr 2022.