Retro Watches, Miracle membership, LCD writing tablets, sheet music downloads, and portable DAB radios

Here are today’s 5 things

1. Buy a basic Casio watch and enjoy the simplicity of this great little watch. If you want a distraction-free sleep then this retro watch is perfect for a simple alarm, clock, and stopwatch. For running and HIIT training it’s also perfect. Step back from technology and see how you feel.
2. Sign up for Gabby Bernstein’s Miracle membership. Are You Ready to Manifest a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams? It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to spirituality or have had a practice for years. Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources Gabby shares in the Miracle Membership will inspire deep, meaningful, and sustainable changes in your life.
3. Use Sheet music direct to download any piece of music that you want. For a small monthly fee, you can download and play any piece of sheet music that you like. I have been impressed by how easy this site is to use. Just prop your tablet on the e music stand and away you go.
4. Buy a Roberts personal sports radio. This little radio is perfect for listening to digital radio on a walk or on a run. In a world where everything is streamed via the internet, it feels refreshing to listen without worrying about how much data is being used.
5. Use a Richgv LCD tablet to organise your day. These little tablets can be used to scribble notes. They are like an electronic blackboard. The screen is cleared at a press of a button.

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