Top 5 Things to Do When You Can’t Travel

A lot of us are stuck at home right now, and if you’re anything like me, you might be dreaming of your next holiday. Maybe you’ve even had to cancel travel plans this summer and you’re feeling pretty bummed out. For some people, current events are taking a hit on their mental health because of trauma or loss of work. We’re all going through something, so it’s time to be nice to yourself!

There are many things you can give yourself that cost little or no money and will take your mind off the tragedy of the pandemic for a little while. Maybe you want to learn something new or have an experience instead of acquiring more of the same “things”. Whatever you choose, try to have fun and know that this will all be over soon.

  1. Try Online Cooking Classes

You’ve probably already upped your cooking game since the restaurants closed down and takeaways have become harder to come by. But what if you’ve been eating sandwiches and spaghetti this whole time? Many amazing chefs across the world are holding online cooking classes. Ever wanted to learn to make a special French meal? Maybe you want to try eating more vegan? Whatever your tastes, there’s an online cooking class for it! If money is an issue, watch cooking shows on YouTube for free and you’ll be a cooking goddess in no time.

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