How to sell your property during lockdown with Virtual Viewings – 30% off for all new customers who sign up for a 360 video before 15th May, 2020!

How to sell your property during lockdown

Quarantine has been great for some sectors – such as food delivery companies, the arts and crafts industry, and alcohol companies – but it’s also been disastrous for other sectors. The restaurant trade, small businesses and the travel sectors have suffered, as has the property industry. This is because the market is stagnant as people aren’t physically able to view homes, and not knowing when quarantine will end means sales are on hold.

Luckily, we at Virtual Viewings aim to use our technological expertise to help out estate agents and property developers. We create panoramic 360 videos which allow viewers to ‘walk through’ a property, room by room, and examine it from all angles. Think of it as Google StreetView, but from within the home!

The five advantages of using 360 videos are:

  1. It allows clients to do home viewings, but from the comfort of their own home, and using their own devices.
  2. It saves the agency / buyers / sellers time and money. The agency can do fewer physical viewings, the buyer can examine their dream house however many times they want and via all angles, and the seller has the bonus of their home being advertised and viewed much more widely than usual.
  3. Increases the likelihood for the buyer opting to purchase without needing to visit the property. Especially useful if the buyer is based in a different country.
  4. The video integrates easily with estate agent websites, as well as portals such as Zoopla and Facebook. Videos are easy to view and easy to share. 
  5. 360 videos are a great way to update your existing marketing techniques, while also reaching an even wider group of potential clients.

Virtual Viewings cover all of London and Surrey, but given the current quarantine situation, we have limited our reach to NW London. Visit our website to see an example 360 video.

We’re also offering a fantastic offer – 30% off for all new customers who sign up for a 360 video before 15th May, 2020!

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